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2015 Casita travel trailer, Spirit Deluxe model

2015 Casita travel trailer, Spirit Deluxe model

Spot #40, Snowberry Loop, Serrano Campground, Big Bear Lake, CA.

Spot #40, Snowberry Loop, Serrano Campground, Big Bear Lake, CA.

Our new 2015 Casita travel trailer arrived at our house in Oct, 2014. Since then, we’ve been learning the ins and outs of rving in our second home-on-wheels, and having a great time doing it. Of course, there’s been some learning curves and growing pains along with this new adventure–but it’s all been worth it!

UPDATE on 11/3/15: OUR CASITA IS FOR SALE. Details here: https://highwaytohoeftland.com/2015/11/04/were-selling-our-casita-travel-trailer/

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2 thoughts on “Kristin & Mike’s RV (Sold)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was a little miffed when read your blog posts about how excited you guys were to get your Casita (as I was looking for some support out there for spending 20,000 dollars) and then didn’t see one word (let alone a top ten list) of reasons why you sold it so quickly. Perhaps you would elaborate on that for the people reading your blog? I dont think you need to get into specifics unless you wanted to if the reasons were very personal, but certainly if the camper didnt fit into your plans it would be valuable to know why.


    1. Hello,

      The experience with the Casita was one I will never forget. To this day, when my husband and I see a Casita on the road, we point and yell happily, “There’s a Casita!” I am not a Casita salesman. I just wanted to write about my experiences on a personal blog. My opinion is still that Casitas are a great value and a great trailer. However, we want to be able to feel free to try new things, explore, and take different paths whenever we see fit. I wrote about why we sold the Casita on my blog post here: https://highwaytohoeftland.com/2015/11/04/were-selling-our-casita-travel-trailer/

      Thanks for your feedback.
      Take care,


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