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Stay tuned for many upcoming adventures, lessons learned, tips, and suggestions for those interested in camping and adventuring on a budget.

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2 thoughts on “Get In Touch

  1. Patrici carey says:

    We are seriously looking at buyinga new or nearly New 17 liberty deluxe. Next year. We are 60. It is towable with a 6 liter AwD highlander or do we need a truck. Is it stable / no swaying on the road? Are you comfortable and safe feeling in the trailer. We want to explore all USA 48 states over a few years time. Love national parks and are in great shape. Please be honest on pros and cons. We don’t want to make a costly mistake.

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    1. Hi, Thanks for your questions. We no longer have the Casita; we sold it a couple of years back. I am unfamiliar with the Highlander, so I don’t know what it can tow. Our Honda Ridgeline towed the Casita just fine. It had a 5,000 weight tow capacity. Towing is very serious business and should be researched fully, so I’m glad you’re looking into all of the details. My own personal experience is that a Casita is one of the easier and safer trailers to tow, but I’ve never towed anything else. I received most of our advice from JD Gallant, of rv.org. We did not experience sway, but we had a Hensley cub hitch, which I think also helped with stabilizing the trailer. Have you checked in on the Casita club forum? They have a wealth of knowledge. I personally still look back at the Casita fondly! Ours was a great little trailer! Good luck! It sounds like you’ll be embarking on some wonderful adventures soon. 🙂 -Kristin


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