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Exciting news! We finally put a deposit down on a new travel trailer. We decided on a Bend Teardrop Trailer. It is made to order and should be ready for pickup in early August. We can’t wait for more adventures ahead!

Why choose the Bend Teardrop Trailer? See our top ten reasons below.

  1. It’s easier to tow. (i.e, driving on narrow roads, low underpasses, off road ease, it’s lighter weight, safety, etc.)
  2. We can move it by hand if needed! We can just unhitch the trailer and move it around ourselves.
  3. Affordability! We decided to go cheaper this time around.
  4. The camping setup should be simpler.
  5. We won’t have to pay for storage offsite. There is room to keep the teardrop in our backyard, which will also help with easy access.
  6. We can use it as an extra bedroom at Lake Merwin, or for extra guests at our house if needed.
  7. Less maintenance. The trailer is fairly basic. There is not much to worry about (we hope).
  8. Bend Teardrop is highly rated. That made us feel better about the purchase. We also like that they’re local.
  9. Very cute design!
  10. It will be an upgrade from tent camping. I can go to bed at night with a mattress to sleep on, a locked door, and a little more warmth, but still enjoy all the beauty and peacefulness of being in nature.

We also have a covered deck!

Our covered deck up at Lake Merwin Camper’s Hideaway is nearly complete! Mike and I checked it out in person for the first time last weekend. We love it!

Do you have any questions? Let us know in the comments.


7 thoughts on “We bought a new travel trailer! And a new deck!

  1. Well, Congratulations. what a beautiful purchase! I’m sure you will enjoy many years of travel and excitement with this little gem!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Sharron! I hope you are doing well. 😊


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