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Below are 13 practices that help keep RVs clean when living and traveling with cats.

Our RV (Casita Travel Trailer)

Our RV (Casita Travel Trailer)

1) Lint rollers work wonders! Use them on furniture, bedding, throw pillows, and clothes.

2) Keep lots of extra bags of litter on hand (we store extra back-up bags of litter in our truck). Do not skimp on litter because otherwise it will get messy and smelly.

Our cat Han, in our RV.

Our cat Han, in our RV.

3) Use cat litter bag liners, or frequently clean out the cat litter pan with soap and water.

4) Keep the cat litter pan cleaner than you would at home. Anytime the cats use the litter pan, we try to remove the waste as soon as possible. Our Casita travel trailer (A.K.A “CATsita”) is too small to let waste stay in the litter pan for too long.

5) Use wipes to clean counters and floors every day. It’s a quick and easy cleaning method.

6) A small dust pan with a brush attached can help keep dust off floors.

7) Brush your cats with a kitty brush often to remove excess fur.

8) Keep senior cats’ paws and fur clean by occasionally wiping them down with pet wipes or a damp dishcloth (one of our older cats has stopped bathing herself because she’s old and sick).

9) Keep them happier in the RV by offering treats such as cat sip, dried chicken and wet food.

Our cats, Lei Lei and Han, relaxing inside our RV.

Our cats, Lei Lei and Han, relaxing inside our RV.

10) Keep fresh water and food out for them at all times.

11) Keep the interior temperature comfortable. We don’t allow our RV to get hotter than 80 degrees and we usually keep it cooler than that.

12) Open all the RV blinds when possible because the cats appreciate the beautiful scenery and nature too!

13) Take a deep breath and realize pets can be messy! 😉

-Do you have any tips to add?


6 thoughts on “How to Keep Your RV Clean When You Have Cats

  1. Marsha says:

    The picture of Han at the dinette makes me smile. Like, “so, what’s for dinner?”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He is quite the character Marsha! He reminds us of a dog in many ways. He’s very engaged and expressive.


  2. Janet says:

    Were thinking of adopting a kitten. Great Pictures!


    1. Hi Janet, Thank you. 🙂 Good luck on your kitty search. They are a lot of fun.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Rose says:

    My boyfriend and I recently purchased a 2002 17′ casita spirit. We took a month to travel from Seattle to Boston with a 1 yr old cat and a 7 yrs old boxer. I laughed when I read #4 bc our casita has also been dubbed the cat-sita!!!
    Anyway, traveling with a cat is not easy! Our cat is obsessed with going outside though. My advice is to purchase a cat walking harness. (Not the kind from pet stores. Cats can slip out of those too easily! We almost lost our fur baby in Cañon city CO. bc of an inadequate harness. Luckily we found her but it took almost 12 hours). We ordered ours cats harness from a company called Crazy K Farm. Our cat has yet to escape again and she loves to go for walks and hikes with us. We also found having a few favorite toys really helped.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Rose, I’m so sorry about responding late. I just now saw your comment. That is excellent advice! Thank you! I would like to try the cat harness too, for our cat Han. 🙂


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