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2015 In Review

Kristin, from Highway to Hoeftland

Thanks for your readership and comments in 2015.

Since we no longer have the Casita trailer, I’m not sure how I should proceed forward with this blog. By far, the most popular posts were always related to the Casita travel trailer.

Should I keep blogging about other topics on this site, start a new blog, or stop blogging until we get another RV again? I haven’t decided yet. Your suggestions are always welcome.

In the meantime, the WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog. If you’re curious about this blog’s stats, feel free to take a look using the link below. Happy New Year!



Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 22,000 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 8 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.


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UPDATE FRI NOV 6th, 2015: We have an interested party coming to view the trailer on Saturday. -Kristin

Update SAT NOV 7th, 2015: A nice couple from Washington state bought the trailer this morning. We no longer have it. Thanks for your interest. -Kristin

It is with mixed emotions that we have decided to sell our 2015 17 Ft Casita Travel Trailer, Spirit Deluxe model. The Casita is in great condition. Under our ownership, it has no known problems and is ready for you to enjoy.

First, an Explanation for our Readers

I am going to miss this trailer so much! We are selling the Casita for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Mike’s job gets busier and busier all the time. He is struggling to find the proper time to take the Casita on trips. To him, taking the Casita out on the weekends feels like work too.

Secondly, as much as we love the Casita and have valued the time spent in it, we feel that moving forward, a small van might better fit our needs for travel. We are vacationers who take quick, zip around jaunts to explore places on the weekends, and we want to be able to take off at a moment’s notice, without the time and effort it takes to set-up and tear down camp, clean out the black tank, as well as the extra time needed to hitch and unhitch the trailer, etc.

Lastly, we recently moved into a new home, in a new town, and there is not a place to store the trailer on our property. We don’t want the extra cost of having to pay to store it elsewhere, plus the cost of insurance. It all adds up.

The Details for our Interested Buyers

We added these extra features at the factory:

-Slate cushions



-Refrigerator, Vent Fan

-25gal Fresh Water Tank Upgrade

-Outside Shower, Wash Station

-Vinyl Flooring

-Interior LED Lights

-High Lift Suspension Package

-Range Cover

-Sink Cover

-Video Entertainment Package

-Extra Outlet Under Dinette

We never once used the furnace, stove, hot water heater, fresh water tank, or propane tanks. The propane tanks may need to be re-purged due to no use.

Our Casita was equipped with a top of the line Hensley Cub for safe towing. The Hensley system eliminates sway and is said to be one of the safest trailer hitches on the market. In combination with our Honda Ridgeline truck, the Casita was a breeze to tow while on the road. We experienced zero sway and no scary moments while towing. It is true that sometimes, I would momentarily forget the Casita was being towed because it was so easy to pull.

Lastly, we are happy to include all of our RV accessories and manuals with the purchase of the Casita, as we probably won’t be buying another RV until Mike’s work calms down again.

Price Details

We added a $1,834 Hensley Cub hitch, which was wielded onto the trailer. This is included in the discounted price of $18,500 for the Casita. If we cannot sell the Casita for close to the price we’re asking, we may decide to keep it for a couple more years.

Here are some helpful links:





Thanks! Questions welcome.

-Kristin and Mike


Below are 13 practices that help keep RVs clean when living and traveling with cats.

Our RV (Casita Travel Trailer)

Our RV (Casita Travel Trailer)

1) Lint rollers work wonders! Use them on furniture, bedding, throw pillows, and clothes.

2) Keep lots of extra bags of litter on hand (we store extra back-up bags of litter in our truck). Do not skimp on litter because otherwise it will get messy and smelly.

Our cat Han, in our RV.

Our cat Han, in our RV.

3) Use cat litter bag liners, or frequently clean out the cat litter pan with soap and water.

4) Keep the cat litter pan cleaner than you would at home. Anytime the cats use the litter pan, we try to remove the waste as soon as possible. Our Casita travel trailer (A.K.A “CATsita”) is too small to let waste stay in the litter pan for too long.

5) Use wipes to clean counters and floors every day. It’s a quick and easy cleaning method.

6) A small dust pan with a brush attached can help keep dust off floors.

7) Brush your cats with a kitty brush often to remove excess fur.

8) Keep senior cats’ paws and fur clean by occasionally wiping them down with pet wipes or a damp dishcloth (one of our older cats has stopped bathing herself because she’s old and sick).

9) Keep them happier in the RV by offering treats such as cat sip, dried chicken and wet food.

Our cats, Lei Lei and Han, relaxing inside our RV.

Our cats, Lei Lei and Han, relaxing inside our RV.

10) Keep fresh water and food out for them at all times.

11) Keep the interior temperature comfortable. We don’t allow our RV to get hotter than 80 degrees and we usually keep it cooler than that.

12) Open all the RV blinds when possible because the cats appreciate the beautiful scenery and nature too!

13) Take a deep breath and realize pets can be messy! 😉

-Do you have any tips to add?


Our tiny trailer.

Our tiny trailer, before adding all the cat supplies.

We’re heading into our ninth week of living full-time in our 17 foot Casita travel trailer. We must admit that it’s been challenging at times, due to the tiny living quarters, as well as Mike needing to work full-time from the trailer, and sharing the space with our three pets, one of which is very sick. (Lei Lei, one of our senior cats, has Cancer and is not doing well).

The “CATsita”

In fact, we have renamed our Casita travel trailer; we now refer to it as the, “CATsita.” It’s true, the place is all set up for our cats. We’ve got cat food, cat sip, treats, and water on the kitchen counter, the liter pan in the aisle, and a scratching post, which is all taking up space in our 72 sq. ft. of interior space. We also have supplies for our dog in the food cabinet.

Sharing the Casita with two cats, our dog, and my husband.

Sharing the Casita with two cats, our dog, and my husband. At least we’re together though! 🙂

We believe our dog Jet is looking forward to getting some more personal space away from the cats when we finally move out of the Catsita and into a house again. He’s been a great sport though! He’s such a sweetie pie. They’re all good pets and we love them. The three of them cuddle together quite often.

On the Positive Side – We’re Under Contract on a House (Again)

And that brings me to the next subject: We are all set for closing on our new (to us) house in Central Oregon! We close in just a few short weeks.

In my last post, I mentioned that we found a historic home that we made an offer on and the sellers accepted. Well, unfortunately, during the inspection, it was discovered there were major electrical issues that needed immediate resolution. We were so sad, but we decided to back out of the contract.

Luckily, a few weeks later, we found another old home that was completely renovated in 2007 (new electrical, plumbing, roof, fence, appliances,–the works). The house is around 1,000 square feet or less (finished space), and it has two bedrooms and one bathroom. It also has an unfinished basement that we’re going to turn into a game room, A.K.A, Mike’s “man cave.” The backyard is private and pretty and there is a covered front porch. The interior flooring consists of the original hardwood floors from when it was built in 1924, slate tile in the kitchen and ceramic tile in the bathroom. It is a very cozy, beautiful home. I’ll share more pictures once we move in.

This is the back view of the house we're buying. Move in day is Oct 13th.

This is the back view of the house we’re buying. Move in day is Oct 13th.

Additionally, the home we’re buying has a smaller footprint – less cleaning, less maintenance, and less utilities. We’re very happy about it. It fits our values and personalities perfectly!

The number one reason why we chose the house that we did is because it’s walkable to many amenities, including gorgeous parks, grocery stores, restaurants–and it’s even walkable to downtown. We are very excited! For years, we have dreamed about living in a home that is walkable to amenities. We believe that living in a walkable neighborhood will help us become healthier, it will get us out into the community more, and it will keep us happily entertained. We’ll go from driving most places, to walking and biking most places. We cannot wait to try out our new lifestyle.

Below are some pictures from our Central Oregon adventures over the last few weeks.

If you have any questions or comments, I’m all ears. As always, thanks for your readership. Cheers!


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