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Have you ever visited the Oregon Coast? If not, you’re missing out!

At the end of March, We went camping with our teardrop trailer to Cape Blanco State Park and explored Port Orford and the surrounding beaches. We made a quick video showcasing five things we absolutely LOVE about visiting the region.

Note: Please be aware of tsunami routes. The Cascadia earthquake and tsunami are overdue in this area.

The Oregon Coast:
Why We Love It ❤️

I hope you are doing well!



We took ownership of our teardrop in Oct., 2021. We’ve now camped in cold, wintery conditions quite a few times. But how do we like camping in cold weather, you ask?

This video brings you along with us on a recent camping trip in February to the Crooked River Canyon in Prineville, Oregon. We discuss why we realized that camping in the winter can actually be pretty nice! Check out our video below. Thanks for watching. 🙂

Winter: A Good Time to Camp?

Dear Highway to Hoeftland readers,

In November, 2020 our friends invited Mike and I to go with them on a Mexican Cruise. We thought that by January, 2022, the global pandemic would be in the rear view mirror and it could give us something to look forward to. So we booked the trip.

Fast forward to late December/early January and the Omicron variant was making everything challenging again.

Our cruise was already booked and the window to cancel had passed. We decided to mask up and go ahead with the cruise, despite the CDC, news articles, and everyone on Twitter advising against it.

We felt very lucky that the trip went (mostly) well and that we got to spend time with our friends, the Karps, who we hadn’t seen in two years.

Our flight was canceled from RDM to PDX, so we braved the snowy mountain range and headed off towards Portland so that we could fly to LAX. Once in LA, we boarded our Mexican Cruise adventure. Below is our video about the trip.

I hope you have a safe and healthy new year.

Sincerely, Kristin 🤗

We took our new teardrop trailer cold camping in the rain and bit of snow and ice, off grid, to see if it’s worth it. Is it comfortable enough to cold camp in November?

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