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Great news! We picked up our new Teardrop Trailer last week! We’re very excited about it. We already took it out camping to La Pine State Park Campground last weekend. We also set up a YouTube Channel as well. We hope you will consider subscribing to the channel HERE.

We also created a new video titled: Why Buy A Teardrop Trailer?

5 reasons why we bought this affordable teardrop trailer

1) Affordability

The 5×10 teardrop we purchased was affordable compared to other RVs, trailers, and even other teardrop campers. We added numerous options to our build, such as an extra battery, solar panels, a roof rack, an awning, a side mounted air conditioner, brakes, and more. We ended up paying in the $13,000 range. You could get these trailers for less than that. Our trailer is new, so we will see how it holds up, given the affordable price tag. So far, so good. Luckily, the builder is close to where we live and we can easily have repairs done, if needed.

2) Teardrop trailers are easy to tow and maneuver

One thing we immediately noticed and liked about the teardrop trailer is how easy it is to tow and maneuver. We can push it around by hand. When we towed it this last weekend, it was a breeze. We barely noticed it was behind the truck. That makes traveling with a trailer less stressful.

3) Nice design
Another reason we bought this teardrop trailer is because of its appealing design. We like the style and look of the trailer. The interior has a warm and cozy feel, and the exterior of the trailer is the classic aluminum teardrop design that we’ve all seen around for decades.

The one aspect of the design that doesn’t look wonderful is the air conditioner that we had added to the side, but we figured the functionality of the air conditioner was worth adding. Which brings us to our fourth reason why we bought this trailer.

4) Functionality
We can use this trailer in many ways. It’s got most of what we need to get out and camp and explore comfortably. We have shore power if we want it, a sink, a comfortable warm bed, lighting, shelving, doors that lock, screens for fresh air, a fantastic fan, and storage. The trailer has just enough of what we need to function well.

We can go to small, rustic campsites or we can go to an RV Park. We can park our trailer in our backyard, it can fit into small spaces, it can be towed down rough roads, under low bridges, along narrow coastal highways, and more.

We didn’t have to get a heavier duty truck to tow the trailer and we don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get out and have more adventures together.

The teardrop is also easy to setup and breakdown when we are arriving and leaving our campsite. The overall functionality of the trailer is very appealing to us.

5) Low maintenance

In the travel trailer world, this teardrop is easy and minimal maintenance. We don’t have to dump waste or winterize. There isn’t much to do, other than grease the wheel bearings occasionally, keep an eye on the tires, wipe down the exterior and keep the bed clean inside. There might not be much else to it, but we’ll keep you posted on what we discover.

So, there you have it. We’re looking forward to getting out on the road in the coming weekends and months ahead. We plan to share tips, blunders, adventures, and beautiful discoveries along our journey.


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