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  • In order to add some personal touches and comfort to our little travel trailer, I purchased several small throw pillows from Target for our trailer’s bed. I think it adds a nice touch! It looks like a day bed now, which I like.
  • I bought a small basket-weave rug made out of jute for the floor. It fits perfectly.
  • We chose a cotton comforter, in a vintage style, to compliment the type of camper we have, as well as the colors of the trailer, pillows, cupboards, and bedding. We love it!
  • Decorative hand towels and a towel bar compliment the kitchen area.
  • Matching cotton bath towels hang on the door in the bathroom.
  • Added specialty soaps for more of a “glamping” style of camping.

Eventually, I’d like to figure out how to remove the blinds and replace them with curtains, but that’s an ambitious project for another day.

Also, at some point, I’d like to add about ten or more pillows. (Just kidding!). 😉

What else can we do to spice up our little interior space? Do you have any ideas or suggestions?

Below is an interactive poll, just for fun!

8 thoughts on “How we Decorated the Interior of Our Casita Travel Trailer

  1. Marsha says:

    Love how you’ve personalized the interior of your Casita. It’s looks very cozy.

    I changed the blinds over the dinette to curtains, and made matching valances to go over the blinds in the “bedroom.” It adds a bit of warmth to the décor. Would like to try to make a quilt for the bed and add a little color.

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    1. Thank you Marsha!

      How tricky is it to install curtains in the Casita? I would really like some curtains because I think it would make the space look great, but it seems like a daunting task. I’m not good at projects like that.

      Do you have pictures of the interior of your Casita on your blog? I don’t recall seeing what it looks like. I will have to check out what you’ve done with your space. I bet it looks great.


      1. Marsha says:

        My August 5 post shows the interior. I used zip ties looped through the back of the upper cabinets to hold café type rods. I put washers on the zip ties in the cabinets before zipping them together to stop them from falling back through the small opening between the cabinet back and the walls. I lined the curtains, but it doesn’t look like it in the picture. The valances were not lined. We had gotten rid of the white blinds and replaced them with a taupe color a couple years ago, plus the new ones are better quality.

        I hope that’s not clear as mud. The nice thing about curtains is you can swap them out to whatever you want whenever you want.

        I really like your throw pillows. We keep six pillows on the bed to prop ourselves up to read, but may switch them out for some colorful throw pillows.

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  2. Marsha, thank you for explaining your process to me. I looked up your post and your Casita is very stylish and cute inside! I like what you’ve done with it.

    **For anyone else who is reading this and interested in seeing Marsha’s Casita, curtains, and blog, here is a link to her post about how she installed her curtains and valances:
    Worth checking out!


  3. Marcia says:

    Hi there, just put in our order for a 17 ft spirit deluxe. It looks as though you went with the slate grey fabric. How do you like It? Do you have any additional pics before. Decorating? We are leaning toward that option too.

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    1. Hi Marcia, Good choice and congrats. I bet you’ll like your Casita and options. We went with the grey slate fabric and we like it. We have no regrets. The slate option is a nice, solid, modern style. I’m posting another Casita camping trip post this next week, as we just returned from Big Bear Lake, CA. Stay tuned for more Casita pictures! 🙂


  4. Linda Perkins says:

    Where do you put your throw pillows while you are sleeping? My husband is pretty grumpy about the idea of having any in our Casita (when we get it) but I refuse to have an undecorated camper!

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    1. Hi Linda, we used to move them over to the smaller seating area at night. I agree, it’s so nice to add your personal touch to the space! I really liked having the throw pillows. It made the camper feel cozy and fun. I will also be getting some for our new teardrop trailer we have on order. Thanks for stopping by. 👍🤗


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