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Photo credit: bpcomp, open clip art

Photo credit: bpcomp, open clip art

My camping experience as a kid was pitching a tent near lakes and rivers, in wide-open spaces, where giant trees soared up into the sky. I can recall sitting at wooden picnic tables and roasting marshmallows around the campfire, with the gorgeous sparkling stars viewable overhead. I cherish those memories!

As a teenager, I traveled with my best friend’s family in a Class C Tioga Motor home; those were also wonderful experiences. We went to so many fun places together, from Canada, all down the Western U.S.

Then later, as a young woman, I flew across the country for the first time, and then to other countries throughout the world for new adventures and exploration. Most recently, I started traveling in a small fiberglass Casita travel trailer with my husband, for another new travel experience to try.

My Original Opinion of RV Parks: Boring

My original idea of RV Parks. (Picture credit: loveandread, open clip art).

Photo credit: loveandread, open clip art

Before I had a travel trailer, when I pictured RV Parks, the words that honestly came to mind were, “asphalt,” “boring,” “crowded,” and “uninspiring.” RV Parks just seemed lackluster compared to other means of travel. But, I figured I’d give them a fair chance so I booked a few trips in RV Parks recently to see what they’re all about.

A few days ago, when my husband and I were staying at an RV Park in Southern California, I had an “aha moment,” as Oprah would say, about the surprising charm of staying in RV parks.

It was dark and foggy out and I was walking by myself down the street, passing by many RVs in the process, on my way to the restroom. From first look, the RV Park looked like a dull parking lot.

Joyful Travelers

Photo credit: Highway to Hoeftland

Photo credit: Highway to Hoeftland

However, as I continued walking, I started noticing kids riding their bikes around the park, hearty laughter from adults, music coming from inside trailers, and dogs contentedly sitting at their humans’ feet. Families were lounging outside together around campfires, and cute decorations were on display; I noticed a single tree in one lot was lit up spectacularly, as if it was a Christmas tree. Other people were watching sports on television together as if it was a tailgate party at a football stadium. Couples were sipping wine under their awnings while quietly talking. Lone individuals were going on walks, taking in the fresh coastal air.

I suddenly felt happy and awed by what I was witnessing. RV parks—as unsightly as they sometimes seem from first view—are actually full of joyful life.

The next morning, as I saw groups get in their trucks and take off to explore the city, with downtown less than ten miles down the road, I realized just how convenient and fun RV Parks could be.

Photo credit: Highway to Hoeftland

Photo credit: Highway to Hoeftland

I then looked down at my dog resting at my feet, my two cats on the bed, and my husband across the table and realized that RV Parks help make flexible travel and exploration possible. This is why many of us go RVing after all. We are looking for accommodations that suit our travel desires. For my husband and I, that means bringing our pets along, and being close to area attractions—like beaches, restaurants, and downtowns.

People utilizing RV Parks are indisputable travelers and adventurers, just like those who prefer camping in tents in the woods, or who fly to new countries, who stay in hotels, and who go backpacking. People travel, explore, and have adventures in their own way—in a way that fits their unique families, personalities, preferences, and lifestyles.

I Like Staying in RV Parks

Photo credit: bnielsen, open clip art

Photo credit: bnielsen, open clip art

RV Parks, with their amenities, and their locations all over the countryside, invite in diverse adventurers from all walks of life for a night, a week, or even sometimes months and years. I no longer view RV Parks as uninspiring. I view them as interesting, enjoyable, and even charming. RV Parks aid us in life’s many adventures, so I appreciate RV Parks, the new experiences we are having—and the people we meet when on the road with our little travel trailer.

What about you? How do you feel about RV Parks? What is your preferred method of travel, and why? Please feel free to let us know in the comment section.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts about RV Parks and Travel

  1. Ingrid says:

    I still prefer state parks or COE campgrounds for the space, remoteness, and wildlife/trails, but the full hook-ups in RV Parks are nice especially when we’re exploring a city. So for us, we like to mix it up,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ingrid, Thanks for your comment! 🙂 I look forward to trying State parks soon too. We haven’t tried those yet with our camper. I also like the idea of mixing it up.


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