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A review of Paulina Lake Campground, Oregon

Before I had a travel trailer, when I pictured RV Parks, the words that honestly came to mind were, “asphalt,” “boring,” “crowded,” and “uninspiring.” RV Parks just seemed lackluster compared to other means of travel.

Are you traveling to San Diego by way of your RV? Are you looking for a beautiful spot to unhitch and relax, and then go off and explore the fabulous city in Southern California? If so, consider reserving a bay view campsite at the Mission Bay RV Resort in San Diego. Consider this spot (pictured), …

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Last weekend, we hitched up our little travel trailer and took a trip to Lakeside Casino and RV Park in Pahrump, Nevada. It was a one of a kind experience—one worth checking out if you happen upon the Mojave Desert near Vegas and have a camper with you. Of course, we experienced a couple problems during our trip that I will warn potential visitors about as well…