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We’ve lived in Bend, Oregon for over five years now, and although we’ve previously visited Paulina Falls, we’ve never camped at or experienced the nearby Paulina Lake Campground – until now.

For our wedding anniversary, we decided to go tent camping close to home. Paulina Lake Campground is a mere 45 minutes away from our house, so it made the trip easier than usual.

I love trees🌲

We wish we had discovered this delightful place sooner. It’s a very beautiful campground with lots of pine trees, a small lake that you can rent motorized boats on, fairly spacious sites, a scenic trail loop that takes you all the way to the falls, and more. (I made a video about the experience below.)

Paulina Lake

What really impressed us was the idea that in the future, once the pandemic is under better control, we could see ourselves walking down to the lodge and getting food and drinks at the restaurant, before returning to our campsite for the evening. We didn’t try the food, but it looked like there were some delicious options.

Lots of amenities

They also have a tiny, cute store, boat rentals, and a day use area, where lots of people were kayaking. This place is very popular and many people were there.

Heads up about the variance in weather

Even though it was sunny and comfortable during the day, at night, it became extremely cold and uncomfortable in the tent. We should have known better because we live here, but we were caught off guard at how much the temperature went down by midnight. In the morning, there were even a few tiny snow flakes – and this is the end of June. So if you plan to go, we suggest you bring warm clothes and extra blankets and heat aides. Our sleeping bags and baseball hats didn’t cut it. Next time I would bring scarfs, a knit hat, warmer socks and extra blankets.

Our campsite at Paulina Lake Campground – Site #68.

Bugs and Mosquitoes?

I had previously researched Paulina Lake Campground and in the reviews, many campers mentioned bugs and mosquitoes occasionally being a problem. However, when we were there, we didn’t experience that. Bring bug spray just in case.

Wonderful place to relax and enjoy nature

Overall, we had a wonderful time at Paulina Lake and would certainly return.

I made a short video, highlighting our favorite moments from the trip. I hope you like it and please let me know if you have questions.

Video of Paulina Lake Campground



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