Highway to Hoeftland

Adventures with Kristin & Mike

Mike and I headed out on another tent camping adventure past weekend. This time, we set our sights on the Palisades BLM Campground along the Crooked River in Prineville, Oregon.

We arrived at the campsite around 2:00 pm on Saturday. We were pleased to learn that there were a handful of sites still available along the river, although most of the prime spots were taken.

We felt lucky to nab site number 12, with beautiful riverfront views and plenty of space between campsites. Below are some quick tips if you’re considering camping at this location. I also created a short video of our experience at the end of this post.

Pros of camping along the Crooked River:

  • There were beautiful views of the river, the canyon, wildlife – with scenic nature all around.
  • The distance between campsites was generous and comfortable.
  • Affordable – The price was $8.00 per night.
  • The campsite is close to the town of Prineville – not too far, or difficult to access (unless you have a giant RV).
  • Quiet and tranquil.
  • We woke up to an owl hooting above our tent in the trees at dawn – very cool!

Things to be aware of:

  • When we arrived at the campsite, there was some garbage to clean up from previous campers. There was litter and toilet paper scattered around. It wasn’t a lot, but it was enough that we felt we needed to clean it up before enjoying the space. This could have happened anywhere.
  • Our campsite was near the road. If there had been lots of traffic, this could have been an issue, but traffic was light, and it wasn’t a problem when we were camping. Don’t let this deter you from camping here. It was a very peaceful location.
  • No cell signals. This could also be a pro because we had no distractions. 😊
  • There was a scorpion hiding under our tent, so just be mindful that they’re there. We have a hole in our tent, and this was a good reminder for us to patch it up before the next camping trip to the high desert.
    • Honestly, it was also a neat experience because I have never seen a scorpion in the wild. I always thought I’d see a scorpion when I lived in Mojave Desert in Nevada, but I never did until now – camping in my home state of Oregon.

I hope you enjoy the video I made of our camping trip below. Do you have any questions? Please let me know. Thanks for stopping by!


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