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Hi, all,

While we’re waiting for our teardrop trailer to be ready (on delay due to supply chain issues), I thought I’d share a glimpse into our 2021 summer fun at Lake Merwin Camper’s Hideaway.

Sometimes we ask ourselves – Why we are willing to drive four hours after work on Friday up to Lake Merwin, Washington from Central Oregon, just to return on Sunday? That’s an 8-hour drive over the weekend – yikes.

The below video and top three reasons are a good reminder as to why we keep making the trip. Once we’re up there, it’s like another world and we’re reminded of why it means so much to us.

1) Reason number 1: Family and friends at LMCH
Being together with loved ones feeds the soul and helps us be happy. Numerous friends and family have trailers on the same block (featured in below video). This means that as soon as we arrive to camp, we’re greeted by my sister, our niece, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends without even having to plan a get-together in advance. 😊

2) Reason number 2: Fun times!
Ok, so this is kinda an extension of reason number one, but I want to expand on it. The people we know up at Lake Merwin are a very fun group of people. We like to share stories, go boating, eat tasty food, drink and be merry. We all take turns visiting each other’s decks and laughing into the night. Our crew up there are laid back, friendly, kind, and like-minded. We’re grateful for them – not just because they are family, but because they are also FUN and know how to have a good time. It makes a difference.

3) Reason number 3: The outdoor scenery at Lake Merwin is gorgeous!
Once we’re at camp, under all the green trees and clean, fresh air, we start to feel less stressed and more relaxed, content, and peaceful. As you’ll see, the scenery is gorgeous. It’s even more beautiful when we get invited out on the lake to go boating.

Our future goals at Lake Merwin:
– We’d like to buy a boat someday! Boating is a hobby we hope to pursue in the future… maybe in a few years’ time.
– We’d like to improve the interior of our trailer with new floors and a more organized back room.
– We want to spend more time there in future summers (not just weekends).

The below video captures our fun times at the lake – LMCH summer 2021 video.

We hope you have a place that you love as much as we enjoy Lake Merwin. Let us know some of your favorite locations in the comments.


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