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Last weekend, we hitched up our little travel trailer and took a trip to Lakeside Casino and RV Park in Pahrump, Nevada. It was a one of a kind experience—one worth checking out if you happen upon the Mojave Desert near Vegas and have a camper with you. Of course, we experienced a couple of problems during our trip that I will warn potential visitors about as well…

About Lakeside Casino and RV Park

It is easy to get to Pahrump from Las Vegas. In fact, it’s only a little over an hour’s drive from the world-famous Strip to the RV Park.

Our Casita and Campsite at Lakeside RV ParkWhen we arrived, we were assigned to spot number 105, (pictured). Our site backed up to grass, a paved trail, and the water. There is a large pond in the center of the RV Park and varied birds chirp in all the beautiful trees. It sounded like a tropical paradise, making us forget temporarily that we’re actually in the Southwestern desert.

There are also striking huge mountains that surround the town of Pahrump and those mountains are viewable from the RV Park. They are gorgeous to see at sunset. Additionally, we noticed a few Great Blue Herons hanging out right near our campsite. I love Blue Herons, so that was a treat to see.

Our Review of the RV Park

We liked the RV Park a lot, not only because of the attractive pond, but for many other reasons as well. There was a nice walking path, the bathrooms were well maintained with plenty of soap, paper towels, and the facilities were clean. Additionally, we felt we had enough space on one side of our trailer to enjoy some privacy, set out our camp chairs near the grass and trees, and enjoy nature without feeling too crowded in.

For the gamblers reading this, there is a small 24-hour casino and bar on site, as well as a restaurant. We skipped the casino this time, but we ordered to-go breakfast from the restaurant. The food was good—not amazing in our opinion, but fresh, traditional, and with large servings; sometimes that’s all you need. We were happy to wake up and get hot breakfast and coffee.

There is also a convenience mart and a gas station right there, so RVers are all set up for most of their wants when visiting the RV Park. At the time that we checked in, there were discounts for Good Sam and Passport America members. We got half off our stay thru Passport America. That made Mike happy because he loves his deals.

In fact, there were many more activities and features of the RV Park that we did not use. If interested, you can check out all the features via their website.

Two Small Grievances – Heads Up!

We only had two small grievances about our experience at the RV Park. The first grumble had been that the staff locks the bathrooms up at 10pm (not open again until 6am). We are assuming this is for safety reasons, which, in that case would be understandable—but we were surprised to learn we couldn’t use the “comfort stations” into the night if need be.

Internet Addicts, Raise Your Hands

Our second concern was that the park does have free WiFi but the connection was not fast enough. Mike was not able to connect hardly at all thru his work VPN. He was bummed out about that. He likes to stay connected to the internet when possible because his job might need his help at anytime and he wants to stay accessible to his work.

We will have to start looking into internet options (boosters, etc.) as we get more into RVing so that Mike can connect easier. I think this might be a common issue for RVers. I wish we were not so addicted to being online, but alas, we are, and in our case, it’s part of our livelihood to have internet accessibility.

Wonderful Time Overall

Overall, our stay at the Lakeside RV Park was great. We enjoyed our time in the Casita and at the RV Park. The feeling we got when staying there was of peacefulness. We would recommend Lakeside Casino and RV Park to others as well.

Do you have any questions about this RV Park? Do you have any feedback or tips that you’d like to include for those reading this? Please let us know in the comment section.

Side Note: Tomorrow, I’ll be posting an update on our recent travel trailer challenges (good news!). Stay tuned!




7 thoughts on “Great Blue Herons, Locked Bathrooms, and Gambling at an RV Park (Pahrump, NV)

  1. Tricia Hogan says:

    Looks like a very nice place, glad you enjoyed it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Speaking of mobile Internet, we just got a Verizon 6620L Jetpack Mifi device. It was $49 (after rebate) and $20/mo for two years. I got an initial 4GB of data for $30 to test it out. I also got an external 5db antenna for it to give us a little extra boost in fringe areas. I’ll be reporting on our experience with it when we leave for our cross country road trip this Saturday. So far it’s working great.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. John, We will be highly interested in learning how you like that internet set-up when you go on your trip, as this is a big issue for us. Thanks again!


  4. Marsha says:

    From most blogs I’ve read, the Wi-Fi in RV parks is notoriously weak and spotty.

    We have Verizon and have a hotspot on our phones. For travel, we have a Wilson Wireless booster, which helps greatly in turning a weak signal into a strong signal and unlike the cradle boosters, we can both utilize it at the same time. We used it on our five week trip this past summer and were extremely pleased with its performance.


  5. Marsha, That is good information to know. I will share this helpful advice with my husband as well. We will probably need to get something like that. Thank you!


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