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Adventures with Kristin & Mike

For the past couple of weeks, since we are new to RVing, I wrote about our experiences of a failed camping trip in our new Casita and how we were struggling badly to back up the travel trailer.

Well, now I have a positive update to share. We had a very successful outing this last weekend when we took our Casita to the Lakeside Casino and RV Park in Pahrump, Nevada!

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Backing up Triumph

We are happy because Mike backed the travel trailer into our campsite last weekend without any problems at all. What a relief! In fact, it’s impressive how quickly he figured it out. Since he’s doing so well, I’d like to take another turn with attempting to tow and back in the Casita. I’ll try again soon.

Keep Practicing to Get Better

For those new RVers, just know that all it takes is some practice, trials, and a few errors before you can get comfortable and start enjoying your new RV. That has been our learning lesson with this new experience. We’re getting it all worked out a little bit at a time.

We Adore Our Casita

We are loving our little travel trailer. The Casita is small compared to most other rigs out there, but we appreciate the space nevertheless. It feels cozy to us and the space is functional. Everything we need in a trailer, we have–just condensed. The refrigerator is bigger than one would expect. The bed is comfortable enough and we like all the windows throughout the trailer. The windows make the space feel bigger. Other features we enjoy are the screen door and the flat screen television to watch movies. The Casita is awesome and we are very happy to have it.

We cannot wait for the next adventure!

Thanks for your questions, comments, and readership.



8 thoughts on “Casita Travel Trailer Challenges Defeated—Now Let the Fun Begin!

  1. Marsha says:

    So glad to hear this trip went well. Congrats on the successful backing.

    We love our little Casita, too. Going from backpacking to a Scamp 13 to the Casita is pure heaven!

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    1. Thank you Marsha! You started even smaller with your campers, so you know what I’m talking about. I think the Casita is a perfect size for us. I’m not sure we could go down to the 13′ but I also don’t think we would want anything larger at this point. It’s such a manageable, fun size! We’ve got our two cats and our dog joining us on our next trip, so that should be interesting to see how it affects the space. Thanks for you comment and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! 🙂

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  2. Kristin

    Reading your blog brings back memories of when Leticia and I got our Casita back in 2012. We had similar experiences as you and Mike, especially the backing up part:-). Yeah, I remember the first time we stopped at an RV park after picking up the Casita in Rice, TX. We got to the park after dark and I had a heck of a time backing in and hooking up everything. But like you guys, we got the hang of it pretty quick. You might want to add one of those MaxxAir vent covers to your vent. That way you can leave it open on the road and not worry about rain getting in if you forget to close it when you’re camping. Look forward to reading about your adventures! John

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    1. John, Thanks for the tip about the Maxxair vents. That’s funny you should say that because Mike was recently mentioning that he thinks we should get one too.

      When we were at the RV Park this last time, we almost left without closing the vent! Luckily, we bought that “I Love My Casita” manual and it has been very helpful. I printed out the manual and made a binder. There is a checklist section that I removed and put in the glove box in the truck. When we go to hitch, or set-up, etc., we get out the checklists.

      I saw that you’ll be taking a big trip across country soon. I look forward to reading about that journey! We have a big trip coming up later too so it will be interesting to compare notes. Thanks very much for your comments!


      1. Oh, forgot to mention the side MaxxAir vent. That lets you leave a side window open a few inches for ventilation. Like the one on the roof, it prevents rain from getting in. We had both installed.

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      2. I have not heard of the side MaxxAir vents before. That sounds like a good idea as well. Thanks, we’ll be looking into it soon.


  3. Dave says:

    We are awaiting our 17′ spirit deluxe in early April. Very excited as you can imagine.
    I was curious about the tv you guys have. Is it the stock 19″ they have as an option or is it bigger? Also it appears your set is mounted from the ceiling rather than corner wall?
    We are trying to decide whether to have the factory add the tv or try to add a slightly bigger one ourselves.
    Thanks for your time.
    Dave Ettinger
    Pasadena Ca

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    1. Hi Dave,
      Mike thinks ours is a 17″ television. We had the factory install it to their specifications. The only request we had was to leave out the shelving underneath the flat screen, because we worried it might make the space look cluttered. We really like having the television available for movies at night; we have no complaints. It’s a great feature. You are right about it mounted to a bracket that hangs down from the ceiling.

      Thanks for your question and for subscribing to the blog! I’d be happy to answer any additional questions you have about the Casita. Congrats on your RV purchase. 🙂


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