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It was Valentine’s Day. Mike and I were standing on the cliff’s edge in La Jolla, California, looking out at the beautiful shoreline. The sky was clear and blue. The temperature was mild and comfortable. Large brown seals sun-bathed on the cliffs below us, and all sorts of varied birds flew overhead, plunging beak first into the ocean. To our left, we noticed a man with a straw hat painting the shoreline on a canvas. Aw, Coastal California—just what we had hoped for.

However, something strange started transpiring in the distance.

As we continued watching the ocean’s horizon, to our surprise and amazement, a gigantic wall of thick white fog began barreling towards the shore. It looked almost like a tsunami wave coming for us—but a fluffy, gentle tsunami.


Fog in La Jolla barreling towards the shore.
Fog in La Jolla, CA.

As the fog kept rolling in, visibility was dwindling fast. We had never seen anything like it before! We watched the town of La Jolla change from California sunshine and a clear sky, to heavy fog within moments.

We then remembered our reservation. Earlier that week, we made plans to dine at George’s at the Cove, a beautiful terrace rooftop eatery in La Jolla that provides expansive views of the ocean. We purposely set the time for sunset so that we could have an incredible view of the sun setting for Valentine’s Day dinner.

Alas, by the time we got to dinner on the terrace, it was grey and misty. The sun, the ocean, and the sky went missing.

Eating and Drinking Amongst the Fog

Despite the fog rolling in, or perhaps because of it, we had a spectacular evening. In fact, it’s one of the most memorable trips we’ve ever experienced.

Our view.

Our view.

At dinner, we sat across from each other, smiling widely, exchanging conversation, eating delicious food, drinking champagne, and enjoying the magical ambiance.

With the waves crashing nearby, in earshot of our table, and the smell of the salt water, and the dampness in the air, we felt glad to be right where we were. The calming sensation of the ocean’s grandness, seemingly within arm’s reach, had us feeling delighted, relaxed, invigorated, and appreciative.

On this Valentine’s Day, we discovered that foggy weather on the California Coast was just as awe-inspiring as a gorgeous sunset on a clear day. The surprising conditions proved enchanting and romantic; we truly loved it. What a memorable trip.

This story is why we love travel. It is also, why we will forever love La Jolla, California.

3 thoughts on “Then the Fog Rolled In (La Jolla, CA)

  1. Reblogged this on Highway to Hoeftland and commented:

    I originally wrote this post about La Jolla, California’s fog only two weeks after starting the Highway to Hoeftland blog in Oct 2014; however, there were barely any readers back then. It’s one of my favorite travel experiences. Now that we have more readers, I figured I’d update it and share the article again.
    (PS: We’ll be heading out in our Casita travel trailer for more travel adventures soon. Stay tuned for more travel stories.) -Kristin 🙂


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