Highway to Hoeftland

Adventures with Kristin & Mike

I miss hanging out in restaurants and bars. I’m getting very hungry and thirsty as this pandemic and physical distancing drags on. While I eat boring home-cooked meals from the couch during the pandemic, I figured I’d share 10 places we like in Bend, Ore. Maybe next time you are here, you can stop at one of these gems.

On a Thursday afternoon in early May, our plane touched down on the tarmac runway in Central Oregon. We landed at the Redmond Municipal airport, in route to Bend. Mike and I had big smiles on our faces and our eyes glistened wide with anticipation of what we might discover. Oh, how we love to experience …

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Just beyond my half-full glass of green beer, I watch a thin man in a tight green full body suit—green facemask included—dancing to the music on Fremont Street. This is Saint Patrick’s day, 2015, in the afternoon, at a bar in downtown Las Vegas. I do not even blink from surprise; as a local, these are …

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