Highway to Hoeftland

Adventures with Kristin & Mike

I miss hanging out in restaurants and bars. I’m getting very hungry and thirsty as this pandemic and physical distancing drags on. While I eat boring home-cooked meals from the couch during the pandemic, I figured I’d share 10 places we like in Bend, Ore. Maybe next time you are here, you can stop at one of these gems.

Guess what! We’re leaving Las Vegas and moving to Bend, Oregon. It was a difficult decision. For a while, we considered moving to Boulder, Colorado, possibly San Diego, and then later, downtown Las Vegas.  However, once we visited Bend, all other previous ideas were blown out of the water. We fell for Bend and have decided to …

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My heart starts quickening, and I’m feeling excited, as I’m reading yet another cool article about a place on my radar. “Mike, would you like to visit Bend, Oregon?” I ask with growing enthusiasm. He looks over at me, with an eyebrow raised. “Why do you ask?” he says. “Because I’ve heard so many great …

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