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I miss hanging out in restaurants and bars. I’m getting very hungry and thirsty as this pandemic and physical distancing drags on. While I eat boring home-cooked meals from the couch during the pandemic, I figured I’d share 10 places we like in Bend, Ore. Maybe next time you are here, you can stop at one of these gems.

Hi, all, We joined the world of vlogging! Check out our very first video attempt below. It’s a short intro clip, including the reason we started vlogging, thoughts about ‘The Great Pause’, dreams for the future, what we’ve been up to, and more!

I sigh heavily and begin nervously picking my lips as I’m reading the last few sentences of the book, 90 Days to Your Novel, by Sarah Domet. I’m annoyed with myself because I’ve surpassed 90 days since I bought the book and I have not written one sentence yet of my upcoming novel. Where has …

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We would like to thank the marvelous travel blog, Tiny Expats, for appointing Highway to Hoeftland as a receiver of the Cute Blog Award. We are very appreciative and humbled, as this is our blog’s very first award of recognition. The Rules Per the previous recipients, the Cute Blog Award rules are as follows: Publicly …

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