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I miss hanging out at restaurants and bars. I’m getting very hungry and thirsty as this physical distancing drags on. Not only that, I’ve also placed myself on a diet. :-/

So, while we eat low-salt, low calorie, simple home-cooked meals from the couch during the pandemic, I figured I’d share 10 random tasty places Mike and I enjoy during normal times in Bend, Ore. 🙂

Maybe next time you are here, you can stop at one of these gems!

1) Jackson’s Corner

If you are ever in Bend, please go to Jackson’s Corner. Their food is made from scratch, including the bread. It doesn’t get any better than this. My favorite meal at Jackson’s Corner is the Green Eggs with chicken sausage added.

2) El Sancho

Oh, my heavens, El Sancho is delicious. I could really use some of their tacos, rice, and margaritas right now.


3) Addy Mac’s Ice Cream Food Truck

Their ice cream is the best. I love their salted caramel ice cream. It’s better than Portland’s Salt and Straw.

4) Bonta Natural Artisan Gelato

This charming little place downtown makes tasty gelato. Yum. 👍


5) Monkless Brewery

Monkless has great beer, tasty food, and a neat atmosphere. They have an outdoor heated patio in the back that looks out over the Deschutes River. We really enjoy this place. Two thumbs up!

6) The Tin Pig Food Cart

The fried chicken sandwiches and hush puppies are mouth-watering. I am very upset that I am not eating at The Tin Pig right now. This is a comfortable place to eat tasty southern food. 😋😍


7) San Simon Cocktail Bar

This sneaky bar is hidden in an alley downtown. They have creative drinks and a Friday night vibe that’s dark, trendy, and fun.


8) Craft Kitchen and Brewery on the east side

This little tucked-out-of-the-way joint has a fried Po’ Boy sandwich that’s delicious, as well as good beer, pretty views, and a casual vibe.

9) Sol Verde Food Cart

Giant, smokey flavored burritos. I hope you can try their amazing food. It’s very impressive. 👌


10) The Palate Coffee Shop

This quaint little coffee shop has a fireplace and a cozy warmth about it that makes you feel right at home.


These are just a few of the amazing places to eat, drink, and be merry in Bend. There are many more! Honorable mentions include Chi, Joolz Restaurant, Taj Palace, Kebaba, Spork, Chan’s, the Pine Tavern (bar/happy hour/chicken fried chicken), Old Town Pizza, and about 100 others. I would need to write several more posts to list all of the delicious food and drinks in central Oregon, which I might.

Do you have any questions about the food scene in Bend? What types of restaurants are you currently enjoying or missing during these crazy times? Let me know!

Thanks, Kristin

3 thoughts on “10 Delicious Food, Drink, & Ice-Cream Joints to Try Next Time You’re in Bend, Ore.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Kristin, so helpful and looks so good 😊
    We might be going to Bend mid July 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh fun! Have a wonderful time! I hope you get to try some amazing food and have fun exploring the area. Let me know if you have any questions about Bend. 👍😃


      1. P.S. I’m not sure who wrote the comment about coming to Bend…. 😁


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