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Hello, I’d like to bring you on a video tour of our 32 foot 1970’s Komfort Travel Trailer. I took this video last weekend when we were up at the lake.

This old trailer and site at Lake Merwin were handed down to my sister and me when our mom passed away in 2010.

We’ve mostly kept the trailer as Mom had styled it, with her religious mementos and her chosen artwork on the walls. The rocking chair has been in the living room for as long as I can remember.

Our future plans for the space include a covered 32×16 cedar deck by this fall and we’d also like to eventually replace the flooring. Other than that, we pretty much intend to keep it as is.

Part of the comfort and peaceful feeling of being up there is because it reminds us of hanging out at home with mom. ❤️

Here is the video tour:

Note: In light of all the social unrest in society right now, I hope everyone is doing ok. We are living in historical times. There is the fear and sadness over the Coronavirus pandemic and then there are the heartbreaking murders of black Americans like George Floyd last week, resulting in pain and protests throughout the country. I wanted to help in some way, so I donated to the NAACP. I welcome you to join me by donating here.

If you have an organization that you care about and that you think could also use our donations during these challenging times, please feel free to add them below. Thanks

2 thoughts on “Take a Video Tour of Our 1974 Komfort Travel Trailer

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great tour, very cozy and well kept trailer.Enjoyed seeing it again 😊❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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