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Last month, Mike and I visited the charming Central Oregon beach town of Florence, Oregon. I put together a short montage of our trip at the end of this post, as well as a few recommendations for what to enjoy if you find yourself in the area.

1. Character of Florence

The town of Florence is full of character and charm. You’ll see interesting murals, cute old buildings, beautiful ornate bridges, pretty scenery, blooming flowers and flower baskets, a vibrant (albeit small) downtown at the mouth of the Siuslaw River on the Pacific Ocean – the list goes on.

Mike in front of the Siuslaw Bridge.

2. The Hobbit Trail – Gorgeous views of forest, lighthouse, and ocean

This trail was a delightful experience. It has views of the ocean, the Heceta Lighthouse, and of the forest.

We initially tried to park off Highway 101 at the Hobbit Trailhead, but it was full, so we turned around and parked at the Heceta Lighthouse parking lot and beach area instead.

We walked up the paved path while enjoying ocean views, up to the Heceta Head Lighthouse and then accessed the Hobbit Trail behind and above the lighthouse. I was enamored with the stunning scenery while on the trail. We only walked a portion of the trail, so we will be back next time to complete the full hike.

Here is more information about the Hobbit Trail from Oregon Hikers.

The Hobbit Trail

3. The Heceta Lighthouse – Wow!

Another impressive sight on our visit to the Florence, Oregon area was the Heceta Head Lighthouse. Oregon State Parks describes it well: “Perched atop 1,000-foot-high Heceta Head, the lighthouse is one of the most photographed on the coast. The light atop the 56-foot tower was first illuminated in 1894. Its automated beacon, seen 21 miles from land, is rated as the strongest light on the Oregon coast.”

Heceta Lighthouse

4. Good food and tasty drinks

There was no shortage of delicious food and drinks in this area. Here are our top two recommendations.

Novelli’s Crab & Seafood: A locally-owned, seafood restaurant on the dock in downtown Florence. There was a photo of the original owners of Novelli’s featured in the window. Sadly, they perished while fishing on their boat. Their children now run the place. The story about what happened is available here.

Rest in peace

The Waterfront Depot: This restaurant on the water is highly rated and for good reason. We were seated on the water out back and enjoyed crab crusted halibut, fresh bread, crab-stuffed mushrooms, a Merriment Marrionberry cocktail, and a Pendleton Roundup cocktail. All were delicious and the service was fast and friendly.

Enjoying the Merriment cocktail at the Waterfront Depot.

5. The Landmark Inn: A nice and comfortable hotel – recommended

This was an affordable motel room with a view of the river, a kitchen area, a separate living room and a separate bedroom area. It was walking distance to downtown and up a big hill; therefore, it was also out of the Tsunami zone for those looking for a safe motel choice while visiting the coast.

The Landmark Inn

6. The Sand Dunes are unique and worth visiting

We visited the sand dunes at the South Jetty. Our video montage shows the views of what to expect.

Kristin, checking out the sand dunes.

7. Sea Lion Caves

We visited the Sea Lion Caves for Mike. He was curious about this place and enjoyed going down the elevator 200 feet to check out the sea lions. There were only a few sea lions there at the time, but it was a nice experience nevertheless.

Heading into the Sea Lion Caves.

8. The Pacific Ocean

This goes without saying, but the Oregon Coast is a grand, beautiful, special place. Hearing the sound of the ocean and watching the waves crashing into the cliffs and rocks is just good for the soul. In fact, we are going back to the Oregon Coast soon. We will be visiting Depoe Bay on our next adventure and will be sure to share our experiences with you.

Enjoying views of the Pacific Ocean.

So there you have it. Those are just a few suggestions of what do to while in Florence, Oregon.

Do you have any favorite places to visit in Florence? Share your tips in the comments below.

And don’t forget, our new teardrop trailer will be helping us take many more adventures starting in August.

Our video montage of Florence, Oregon.



2 thoughts on “What we liked most about Florence, Ore.

  1. Hello, Looks like tons O’fun. I can’t believe I’ve never been to Florence–I don’t think. Love being able to keep track of you through your delightful posts. Keep up the good work. And keep having fun. Love ya.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I appreciate you following along on the blog. It makes me feel good. Love you too! 😊


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