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The Mojave Desert is wild, sometimes desolate, harsh, and yet breathtakingly gorgeous in a way that does not imitate other regions. There are long, lone roads that seemingly stretch on forever into nature’s wonderful abyss.

Driving beyond the city limits of the Las Vegas Valley is a remarkable sight in itself. There is a rapid transformation of landscapes the further one drives. The palm trees, busy traffic, and concrete jungle start disappearing out of view. Most houses and dwellings fade away as we continue towards the ghost town. There are no stores or functioning gas stations anymore. It is hard to believe that this scenery is less than an hour outside of Las Vegas, where the hustle and bustle never ends.

Nelson, Nevada is worth checking out if you are nearby and have the chance.

Have you ever heard of Nelson, Nevada? It is a charming and tiny ghost town located only 44 miles southeast of Las Vegas. A scattering of people live in Nelson, but the center of town itself largely functions as a place for inquisitive tourists and Las Vegas Valley locals to explore a nearly forgotten part of history.

Mike and I decided to take a drive to check out the dramatic environment in the Mojave Desert and Eldorado Canyon, with the ghost town of Nelson as our endpoint. What a beautiful drive it was! We went at sunset and we captured many beautiful pictures.

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If interested in learning more about the area, this is a fascinating article from Nevada Magazine. Additionally, visitors can sign up to take Eldorado Canyon Mine Tours and it’s also possible to attend group events at the town site. Photography lovers can practice their trade by setting up temporary studios there, or just stop by for a few shots. Another helpful article about the ghost town of Nelson can be read here.

8 thoughts on “Driving to a Ghost Town at Sunset (Nelson, NV)

  1. PaigeBrown says:

    Gorgeous photos! I’ve always wanted to visit a Ghost Town. The Southwest is one of my favorite places on earth, but I haven’t spent much time in Nevada (mostly UT and AZ). This makes me want to visit, though! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Paige, I’m glad you liked the photos! Thanks for your feedback. 🙂


  2. Marsha says:

    Great photos. Love ghost towns. We went west this past August/September and visited Virginia City, MT – my first visit to a ghost town.

    We also have a Casita – a 2010 17 Spirit Deluxe and absolutely love it. We spent five weeks in it on our trip out west. Be prepared to give tours anywhere you go.


    1. Marsha, thank you! I’m glad you liked the photos! We’ve never been to Virginia City, MT. I’d like to check that out someday. I’m very happy you love your Casita. That’s encouraging to us! Only eight more days now and it should be sitting in our driveway; talk about exciting! Thanks for your nice comments. -Kristin


  3. Tricia Hogan says:

    I love seeing and reading about your travels, very interesting, very good descriptions and beautiful pictures. Looking forward to seeing more.


    1. Thank you Tricia! Also, thanks for subscribing to our blog!


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    LayersofBeautyTeam xx


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