Highway to Hoeftland

Adventures with Kristin & Mike

Upon moving to the Vegas valley, Mike and I assumed that many of our favorite hangouts would be in the center of Las Vegas—amongst all the casinos, tourists, world-class eateries and entertainment. We were wrong. As it turns out, we often prefer hanging out in Boulder City, a small town about thirty minutes southeast of Las Vegas, with a population of only 15,000 people.

Boulder City exudes an oldie-but-goodie vibe, with quaint motels and stylish neon signs. The charming city was built during the days of the Hoover Dam construction, and as such, it holds so much history. In fact, drive a few more miles and you will run into the massively popular, and heavily touristy, Hoover Dam—a grand and brilliant work of American ingenuity.

Jet, at Bicentennial Park in Boulder City.

Jet, at Bicentennial Park in Boulder City.

The layout of Boulder City is on a traditional square grid that makes it possible to walk to many places from the city center. Park your car, and take a leisurely stroll to the varied shops that line the tree-lit streets. Additionally, there is an impressive park in the heart of town, where families enjoy peaceful picnics on the green grass, meet their friends, and walk their dogs. There are also cute bungalows within walking distance to downtown.

Boulder City’s downtown is a place where you will eat delicious food, and drink tasty drinks—all while feeling as if you’ve possibly been transported back to a simpler and more distinctive time in history. You won’t find chain restaurants, like Red Robin, TGI Friday’s, or the Olive Garden. Instead, you’ll find local residents running locally owned businesses. You will find individuality and authenticity.

Delicious and satisfying independently owned cafes, with patio seating, a wine cellar, and bars—are waiting for you in the historic downtown. There is an adorable ‘world-famous’ breakfast joint, called the Coffee Cup, (not to be missed), an endearing and mouth-watering Grandma Daisy’s dessert shop, a historic theater, a vintage bowling alley, a local brewery, and antique shops galore—to name just a few treasures that you will find when you visit this gem of a town.

While you’re here, take a moment to listen to the town’s church bells chiming; awe, music to your ears. Alternatively, view the bighorn sheep at the local park, and enjoy the mountainous scenery that surrounds the town as the golden sun sets on the horizon.

Bighorn Sheep at the park in Boulder City.

Bighorn Sheep at the park.

If you are traveling to, or passing through Southern Nevada, take a small detour and visit Boulder City’s historic center. Grab a bite to eat, or even, have a quiet picnic in the park; we locals assure you, Boulder City is not a place to miss.

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