Highway to Hoeftland

Adventures with Kristin & Mike

No matter your travel budget, if you want to get out there and experience adventures, you can do it.

For instance, Kimberly, who has an affordable vintage van, spends invaluable time road tripping with her husband Daniel, and their lifelong friends in Oregon and Washington, U.S.A.

Read Kimberly’s interview below and see pictures of their adventures in a classic vintage van.

Interview with Kimberly, Owner of A Vintage Van

Kim and Daniel in their van

Kim and Daniel in their van

1) What kind of recreational vehicle do you have?

It’s a Chevy Van but the model is actually MH on the title for Motor Home. It’s called the Blue Beast.

2) What year is it?


3) How much did you pay for it?

$500 smacks 

4) Where have you taken your van recently?

Maupin, Oregon, Little Crater Lake, Oregon and

Lake Merwin, Washington

5) Are you glad you bought your van? If so, why?

We absolutely love the van. We had a ton of fun in it this summer. It allows us to just pick up and go. Once we arrive, we are set up for camp in minutes as well as packing up to leave for home.

It’s brought a lot of adventure and a sense of deeper connection between Daniel and I. Getting out in the woods or desert with no cell service, no social media or TV gives us a chance to sit under the stars and just enjoy each other. We play cards by the fire and drink French press coffee in the mornings.

It’s good for the soul! 

Photo credit for all pictures in this post: Kimberly and Daniel B. (Find kimi27ann on Instagram).

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