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Palm Tree in Boulder CityAre there any dreamers out there?

I have always been a dreamer.

Sometimes, I conjure up new ideas of what I might like to do someday. Big ideas—at least they’re big to me.

For instance, every so often, I get the itch to try living in a different place in the world.

I wonder what it would be like to temporarily move to Dublin, London, or perhaps Amsterdam. I think it would be such an amazing experience to live abroad for a while. My husband and I might turn that dream into a reality someday.

Furthermore, what if I tried writing a book. I dream of it being finished and becoming successful. I start daydreaming of calling my loved ones and telling them that my book is available in stores all across the country. How wonderful that would be!

Will Dreams Come True?

Desert Plant LifeBig dreams such as writing a book or moving abroad might seem an unlikely outcome, just based on statistical odds alone.

Should the supposed outcome of an idea stop a plan in its tracks though?

No, life is too short to only dream.

However, it’s important to remember that a dream will only ever be a fantasy unless action is also taken.

Sometimes I procrastinate for too long with my aspirations.

Dreams Made Real

In the past, some of my dreams have come true. I am a happier person because of wishes realized and acted upon.

At one point in my life, moving across the country to be with a new boyfriend was just a risky dream. He is now my husband–one of the people I love most on this Earth. What if I hadn’t taken the opportunity to get to know him? What if I thought of it as too impractical and uncertain to pursue someone who lived 2,800 miles away from my home?

Sometimes we have to take chances, be vulnerable, and get outside of our comfort zone to make life better.

Finishing college was once just a dream. Now, years later, I finally have a Bachelor’s degree.

Buying a little travel trailer to explore more of the U.S.A. was once just a dream. In addition, starting a blog was just a fantasy. Now I’m blogging about new adventures in my travel trailer.

A Dream’s Potential

Clouds for DreamingI believe that our dreams are windows into our desires, our hopes—our fears even.

Dreams just might be a mechanism for improving one’s life, after all.

We are often reminded that life is so short—sometimes unfairly short.

Why put off a dream, then?

What do you do with your dreams?


 This post was inspired by Daily Post's No Time to Waste.

Which dreams do you want to pursue and why? Please share them with us in the comment section. 

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