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I originally wrote this post about La Jolla, California’s fog only two weeks after starting our Highway to Hoeftland blog in Oct 2014; however, the blog barely had any readers back then. It’s one of my favorite travel experiences and I think our new readers would like it too. Now that we have more subscribers, I figured I’d update it, add pictures, and share the article again. There are some amazing fog pictures, so don’t miss out on seeing them! Do you have any similar experiences?
(PS: We’ll be heading out in our Casita travel trailer for more travel adventures soon. Stay tuned for more travel stories.) -Kristin 🙂

Highway to Hoeftland

It was Valentine’s Day. Mike and I were standing on the cliff’s edge in La Jolla, California, looking out at the beautiful shoreline. The sky was clear and blue. The temperature was mild and comfortable. There were large brown seals sunbathing on the cliffs below us, and all sorts of varied birds were flying overhead and plunging beak first into the ocean. To our left, we noticed a man with a straw hat painting the shoreline on a canvas. Aw, Coastal California—just what we had hoped for.

However, something strange started transpiring in the distance.

As we continued watching the ocean’s horizon, a gigantic wall of thick white fog began barreling towards the shore. It looked almost like a tsunami wave coming for us—but a fluffy, gentle tsunami.

Fog in La Jolla barreling towards the shore.
Fog in La Jolla, CA.

As the fog kept rolling in, visibility was dwindling fast. We had never seen anything like it…

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2 thoughts on “Reblogged: Then the Fog Rolled In (La Jolla, CA)

  1. Sharron says:

    Fabulous photo. I love it!

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