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2 thoughts on “Our Casita and Campsite at Lakeside RV Park

  1. Patrick Murphy says:

    I’m very curious how you liked your Hensley hitch, and was it difficult to install on the Casita? I have heard that there are some special problems with the installation on the Casita


    1. Hi Patrick,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      We liked the Hensley. It made us feel very safe. There literally was no sway when we traveled. They’re not kidding about that.

      However, with that being said, it was cumbersome to install and to take on and off. We had it professionally done by an RV shop in Las Vegas. That part was fine; it was just getting in and out of campsites if it wasn’t level could be challenging at times.

      Keep in mind we were new RVers too and had no idea what we were doing for the most part.

      My personal feeling is, if you’re super into safety, it’s an excellent choice.

      If we had to do it over, I’m just not sure. The Hensley was just a bit cumbersome on our Casita.

      But who knows, it could have kept us from getting into accidents, which is what matters the most. When we were on the road, the peace of mind was comforting.

      Thanks for reaching out!



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