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Exciting news! We finally put a deposit down on a new travel trailer. We decided on a Bend Teardrop Trailer. It is made to order and should be ready for pickup in early August. We can’t wait for more adventures ahead!

Why choose the Bend Teardrop Trailer? See our top ten reasons below.

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Last weekend we took a secluded trip to a cabin at Shelter Cove Resort and Marina. It’s about 1 hour and 30 minutes from our house in Bend.

Cabin overlooking Odell Lake

Due to the pandemic, we hadn’t done anything in weeks and needed a change of scenery. The cabin and grounds didn’t dissapoint.

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We’ve lived in Bend, Oregon for over five years now, and although we’ve previously visited Paulina Falls, we’ve never camped at or experienced the nearby Paulina Lake Campground – until now.

For our wedding anniversary, we decided to go tent camping close to home. Paulina Lake Campground is a mere 45 minutes away from our house, so it made the trip easier than usual.

I love trees🌲

We wish we had discovered this delightful place sooner. It’s a very beautiful campground with lots of pine trees, a small lake that you can rent motorized boats on, fairly spacious sites, a scenic trail loop that takes you all the way to the falls, and more. (I made a video about the experience below.)

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Mike and I went kayaking at Lake Merwin. Despite the rainy weather, it was wonderful out on the lake!

Wildlife Sightings & Beauty

We saw a Great Blue Heron, which is captured on the video below! The lake was glass-like, tranquil, beautiful, and peaceful. What a great experience.

If you’re thinking about kayaking somewhere in the Pacific NW, I would like to suggest a morning at Lake Merwin. We hope to go kayaking again soon, and maybe next time, it will be 80 degrees and sunny? 🤞☀️🌅

Below is a video of our experience. Mike likes to wave hello, so we had a little fun with it. 😁🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️

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I miss hanging out at restaurants and bars. I’m getting very hungry and thirsty as this physical distancing drags on. Not only that, I’ve also placed myself on a diet. :-/

So, while we eat low-salt, low calorie, simple home-cooked meals from the couch during the pandemic, I figured I’d share 10 random tasty places Mike and I enjoy during normal times in Bend, Ore. 🙂

Maybe next time you are here, you can stop at one of these gems!

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